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I have 3+ years of experience in software engineering and development.

My name is Ying-Chi (Brian) Chen and I'm a senior Computer Science student at the University of Michigan. I am curious, passionate and determined, and I love learning new skills. I excel in collaborative team environments, but I also enjoy a bit of competition. I am proficient in multiple programming languages and experienced with writing scalable, high-quality code and unit tests with good test coverage.

Software Programming
I have a strong foundation in object oriented programming as well as datastructures and algorithms. I am also proficient in multiple languages.


  • Python
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • SQL
  • R
  • Git
Machine Learning
I love leveraging the latest tools and libraries to build and train intricate ML models from start to finish.


  • OpenAI api
  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch
  • OpenCV
  • Pandas
  • NumPy
Web Development
I take pride in swiftly adapting to new technologies in areas such as web development and cloud computing.


  • React
  • Flask
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Lambda
  • Microsoft Azure


My academic history!

I pride myself in learning from experts and professionals.

Taipei Wego Bilingual High School
Diploma ( Valedictorian )
My passion for computer science started in high school when I took my first computer science course. I went on to take AP Computer Science and self-learn python in my free time.
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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
B.S.E. in Computer Science
Through proactively engaging in course discussions and projects at Umich I've built a solid foundation in programming, and gained hands-on experience in web development, database management, and machine learning.
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Master's Program
Pursuing M.S. Computer Science
I plan to pursue a masters degree in Computer Science at some point in the future. I want to focus on machine learning and big data analytics to provide businesses with data-driven insights.
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My professional history!

I love designing innovative solutions and solving complex problems.

I find tremendous fulfillment in leveraging my skillset to develop practical and impactful products.
Amazon (Alexa Game Control)
Software Development Engineer Intern
May 2023 - July 2023
Developed and integrated the metric collection module for the Alexa Game Control (AGC) SDK. Since its deployment in 2023, the module has collected metrics from 25,000+ players in North America.
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ASUS (Intelligent Cloud Services)
Software Development Engineer Intern
May 2022 - August 2022
Participated a web application for smart healthcare with Django and deployed on Azure App service, containerized with Docker. Application currently in use by the National Taiwan University Hospital, serving thousands of patients per day.
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University of Michigan
Web Developer
January 2021 - Present
Contributed to the design and maintenance of 20+ web pages across The University of Michigan's School of Public Health website, which got 5000+ page views in 2023.
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Taiwan Veterans General Hospital
Research Assistant
May 2021 - June 2022
Worked with faculty and students from the National Taiwan University and the Department of Opthalmology at Taiwan Veterans General Hospital to research deep-learning image recognition models for classifying patients with glaucoma.
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Check out my work!
Building projects have created some of the best learning experiences.
I have completed 25+ academic and personal projects (internship projects not included). I love seeing my projects come to life step-by-step and below are some of the work that I am most proud of!

NLP Reddit Forum Classifier

Natural language processing model that classifies reddit text speech into happy, sad, and neutral moods.

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Azure Web App

Microsoft Azure Web Calculator

Python calculator web application built with Django, containerized with Docker and hosted on Azure App Service with requests data stored in Azure PostgreSQL flexible database.

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GAN Face Generator

GAN Anime Face Generator

Created a deep learning face generator that generates fictional anime character faces using Pytorch. The generator model was built using a transposed convolutional neural network and the discriminator model was built using a deep convolutional neural network.

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LC2K Project

Simulation of Pipelined RISC-V CPU

Implemented a complete simulation of a 8-bit pipelined CPU that runs on the LC-2K instruction architecture. The simulator program combines the assembler, linker, pipeline, and cache to simulate the LC-2K CPU.

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My research experience and publications!
Doing research enhanced my knowledge and provided me with hands-on experience in machine learning.
I have contributed to a deep-learning medical research project and co-authored the research paper published on MDPI's Biomedicines Journal.
Convolutional-Neural-Network-Assisted Glaucoma Detection Under Data Constraints
Worked with faculty and students from the National Taiwan University (NTU) and the Department of Opthalmology at Taiwan Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) to research deep-learning image recognition models for classifying patients with glaucoma, resulting in a published paper on MDPI's Biomdicines Journal (Biomedicines 2022, 10(6), 1314;)

Utilized Python libraries like OpenCV, Scikit-Image, and NumPy to preprocess 1000+ fundus images from different hospitals, including methods like resizing, noise-reduction, contrast enhancement, and feature-extraction.

Fine-tuned an EfficientNet-B3 convolutional neural network model to achieve 95% accuracy on test dataset and improved classification accuracy on validation data from 80% to 92.5%.


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I am deeply passionate about building innovative solutions and collaborating with other developers to bring those ideas to life. Don't hesitate to reach out to me and let's build something amazing!
Brian Chen